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Grain Storage Bag

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Introducing the Ultimate Grain Storage Solution!


Are you tired of post-harvest grain losses, pests, and unpredictable weather damaging your valuable crops? Our state-of-the-art Grain Storage Bag is the answer you've been searching for. It's designed to protect your grains from moisture, pests, and environmental factors, ensuring your harvest remains in pristine condition!

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your hard-earned grains are safe and secure in our airtight, UV-resistant storage bags. With a wide range of sizes available, you can store anywhere from a few hundred kilograms to several tons of grain. Say goodbye to expensive storage facilities and transportation hassles.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your grain storage practices. Act now to get a quote and experience the benefits of our Grain Storage Bags for yourself. Take the first step toward protecting your harvest and maximizing your profits. Contact us today!





1. Durability: PE material has high durability and can effectively resist tearing, abrasion and chemical corrosion, making the storage bag have a long service life.
2. Moisture resistance: PE material has good moisture resistance, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water and moisture, and keep the dryness and quality of miscellaneous grains.
3. Convenience: The storage bag can well store all kinds of coarse grains at home, sorted and placed, easy to take

Product information:
Color: cream
Material: Matt laminated/nylon/PE
Shape: handbag type
Microwave oven: Unavailable
Style: modern simplicity
Capacity: 2.1-3L

Size:26.5 * 34.6cm

Packing list:
Storage bag * 1 piece

Product Image:
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    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
    Grain Storage Bag - Jona store
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